Is this available in stores?

No this offer is not available in stores, so this is a great time to try it now!

Does it add water to the drink?

No, Slushy Magic doesn’t add any water or any other chemicals to your drink.  It simply chills the liquid so that it takes on a slushy consistency.  It doesn’t change the flavor of your drink at all, just makes it have a nice, icy texture.

Does it add calories to the drink?

No, Slushy Magic doesn’t add any calories to the drink.  It just changes the liquid to a semi-solid state.

Does it work with diet drinks?

Diet drinks are not the ideal drink to use with Slushy Magic.  

Which drinks work well with Slushy Magic?

Slushy Magic works best with Juices, sodas, energy drinks, chocolate milk and non-alcoholic drinks that contain some natural sugar.  

Does it work with alcoholic drinks?

Alcohol has lower freezing point than water, so it’s harder to get it to freeze with Slushy Magic, and we don’t recommend it.  That said, we’ve had reports from customers about success with making Margaritas and Rum and Cokes.  The secret apparently is to use alcohol that’s been in the freezer as well.  

Can I get additional cubes?

Yes, additional cubes are available here.  They are sold in packs of 3.

What is inside the Slushy Magic Cubes?

Slushy Magic cubes are filled with a specially formulated mixture of all natural salt water which freezes super solid, so when they shake with your drink it gets slushified! The mixture is completely safe and non-toxic.